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5 Tips for Thanksgiving with Dental Implants

November 19, 2020

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Woman eating with dental implants.If you’ve lost all your teeth, dentures were a convenient solution to restore a complete smile. They’ve undergone several improvements over the years to look and feel more natural, but dentures will always have their limitations. You might even avoid eating your favorite foods. Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t need to give you anxiety. You can secure your denture to your jawbone using dental implants. You’ll enjoy a solution that closely looks and feels natural; however, your daily life and eating with dental implants will be a bit different. Here are 5 tips to adjust to your new smile in time for the holidays.


5 Common Post-Op Questions About Dental Implants

October 23, 2020

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Woman after dental implant surgery

Getting dental implants is a huge investment with countless benefits and rewards. However, before you are able to see all the advantages of your new restoration, it’s important that you take time to allow them to heal. If you have countless questions regarding what life will be like directly after your dental implant surgery, your dentist has the answer. Continue reading to have some of the most common dental implant surgery post-op questions answered.


4 Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist

September 21, 2020

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mother and young daughter seeing family dentist in Los Alamitos

It’s already bad enough driving your child halfway across town to see their pediatric dentist when it’s time for their checkup every six months. At their most recent visit, you found out they need braces, which requires you to drive them to a separate orthodontic practice and fill out even more paperwork. If only there were a way to make this whole thing easier! Fortunately, there is – by seeing a family dentist in Los Alamitos. Here are four benefits of taking everyone in the family to see the same dentist.


How Can Good Oral Health Help Your Child Excel in School?

August 5, 2020

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Teen girl smiling while doing homework

Everyone wants their children to become successful. Most of the time, this starts with doing well in school and earning good grades. However, this is something that’s difficult to do while having dental issues that need to be attended too. Whether it be related to pain, self-esteem, or just not being in attendance at school enough, dental issues can have a huge impact on your child’s ability to excel in the classroom. Continue reading to learn how your family dentist in Los Alamitos can help your child do better in their classes at school and other aspects of their life.


5 Ways Drinking Water Keeps You & Your Smile Healthy in COVID-19

June 17, 2020

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Healthy woman drinks water as recommended by Los Alamitos dentist

Staying hydrated probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about how to best keep your smile healthy. However, drinking water throughout the day plays a key role in preventing cavities and strengthening your teeth. In fact, staying hydrated positively influences nearly every aspect of your wellbeing! Your Los Alamitos dentist explains five ways drinking plenty of water can help keep both you and your smile healthy, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Why Most Patients Prefer Teledentistry in the Time of COVID-19

May 28, 2020

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wooden blocks spelling out "teledentistry"

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are only leaving the house when it’s absolutely necessary. With that in mind, you might be wondering whether seeing your dentist in person counts as a necessity. As it turns out, there are some cases where you only need to see your dentist through the phone or a video call. This is known as teledentistry. Believe it or not, a majority of patients actually prefer teledentistry to seeing their dentists in person. Keep reading to learn a few reasons why.


What are the Dangers of Untreated TMJ Disorder?

March 13, 2020

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dentist pointing to model skull for TMJ in Los Alamitos.Does your jaw click or pop when you open or close your mouth? You might be experiencing symptoms of a disorder of your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which is located on either side of your face, connecting your jaw to your skull. Although the symptoms may not seem concerning initially, leaving the disorder untreated can lead to several complications that can impact your quality of life. Don’t worry, your dentist for TMJ in Los Alamitos can stop your pain and improve your jaw’s functions.

Promote Your Hearth Health Through Your Smile

February 5, 2020

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image of a healthy heart from periodontal therapy in Los AlamitosFebruary is important for more than just roses and sweet treats. It’s also American Heart Month, which is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of preventing heart disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 647,000 Americans die from cardiovascular disease annually. While you know diet and exercise can affect your heart health, did you know your smile also impacts it? In fact, there’s a direct link between the health of your smile and your heart. Thankfully, you can invest in a healthy mouth and body with periodontal therapy in Los Alamitos.

Time For New Year’s Health Resolutions! This Year, Focus On Oral Health

January 3, 2020

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Happy New Year 2020It’s that time of year when everyone is making New Year’s health resolutions, which are usually geared towards exercising more or better eating habits. But did you know that your oral health has an equally big impact on your general health? Not to mention that a healthy smile helps you eat, speak and smile with confidence, which is important for both your personal and professional life. And the best part? It’s easier than you think to improve your oral health in the new year! Keep reading to learn how your teeth and gums affect the rest of your body. You’ll also find out how getting a checkup from a dentist will make 2020 happy and healthy from the start.


4 Reasons Dental Implants are Popular

December 6, 2019

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model of dental implantDespite the latest innovations in dentistry, tooth loss is a common problem. Now, there are more options than ever to replace your missing teeth, like dental implants in Los Alamitos. Although traditional prosthetics now closely mimic your natural teeth, over 500,000 people per year are turning to dental implants, and for good reason. As the next best thing to your real teeth, you’ll enjoy unmatched benefits that aren’t possible with any other treatment.

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