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Traditional Braces in Los Alamitos

post braces smileTraditional metal braces in Los Alamitos have been used for many years to transform smiles and help patients enjoy the best oral health possible. Here in Dr. Poe’s office, we’re proud to offer braces as one of orthodontic services. If you’re ready to take the first step toward achieving a well-aligned bite and straight teeth, contact our office. On the other hand, if you want to know more about braces before you have your consultation, read on to discover how this treatment works and how it may be able to benefit you.

How Do Braces Work?

close-up of man’s bracesYour teeth are naturally designed to have a bit of mobility. They’re attached to your bones via ligaments, stretchy tissues that allow your teeth to move very slightly. Braces take advantage of this by applying gentle, continuous pressure to teeth. Over time, your teeth will gradually shift into their proper positions.

Braces consist of metal brackets and wires, which form a snug framework around your teeth. Once your braces are in place, you’ll have to come back to our office every 6 – 8 weeks or so to let your dentist in Los Alamitos them and get your smile that much closer to perfection. Although the overall treatment time for braces varies from patient to patient, 18 – 24 months is average.

What Are the Main Benefits of Braces?

Some of the most outstanding benefits of traditional braces include:

checkup for braces patient
  • They are able to address a wide range of orthodontic issues, from the mild to the severe.
  • They are more affordable than other orthodontic treatments.
  • Once they’re installed on your teeth, they are there to stay until the treatment ends. This is a great advantage for individuals who think they might not be able to remember to wear a removable aligner for the recommended amount of time each day.
  • Although traditional have a reputation for being unsightly, that isn’t always true. Ask your dentist about your color options so you can design braces that match your personality.

What Is Daily Life Like With Braces?

happy young man with bracesOnce you get braces, you’ll have to make a few adjustments to your daily routine to make sure your teeth and they stay in good shape. For example, you’ll have to pay more attention than ever to oral hygiene; the last thing you want is for food to stay stuck in your braces, where it will have an opportunity to cause tooth decay. It’s a good idea to keep a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some floss with you at all times so you can clean your mouth after each meal.

You’ll also have to be wary of certain foods that might damage your braces or get lodged in them. Sticky food and chewy foods (like gummy bears, bagel and licorice) are a no-go. It’s also wise to stay away from things you have to bite into with your front teeth, such as corn on the cob. When you’re ready to get your braces, your dentist will provide you with in-depth instructions on how to manage your diet in a way that helps your orthodontic treatment succeed.