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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Poe and his staff are not only professional, and excellent in their field of dentistry, but they truly care about their patients.  My family and I love them like family - Cherol Katz

My family and I needed a new family dentist and were referred to Dr. Poe by some mutual friends.  During my many visits, my twenty plus years of migraines was discussed and the possibility of being treated with neuromuscular dentistry.  We began treatment and now my migraines are a distant memory.  I also got a beautiful new set of teeth and a great new smile!  My family and I believe Dr. Poe is a wonderful dentist and friend. - Adele Bassett

I was faced with ground down lower front teeth.  This was caused by an upper bridge.  Because of the situation, my bite had drastically changed and made my jaw click very loudly.  Dr. Poe and his capable staff were very skillful in adjusting my bite and replacing all my teeth with veneers.  All their wonderful work gave me a smile which I'm very proud to display. - Sam Nicolaou

Dr. Poe's office personnel is the best!  I've had lots of dentists in the past and none can compare.  Warm and friendly, patient and kind.  Now I get compliments on my beautiful new teeth and smile all the time!  Than never happened before. - Sarah Singrin

The minute I walked into Dr. Poe's office, I realized this was a state of the art dental office.  It appeared to be very advanced in dental technology.  All areas were immaculate and organized.  Dr. Poe and his staff were very cordial as they proceeded with my "new smile".  It was painless and most gratifying. I love my teeth and am not embarrassed anymore to open up and SMILE!!! - Gretchen Nicolaou

I am very pleased with the dental care that I have received from Dr. Poe's office.  His office is very clean and his dental assistant and receptionist were very efficient as well as being very considerate and courteous.  I never had to sit and wait when I arrived at the scheduled appointment times or after I was seated in the dental chair -- a factor that certainly helps relieve stress when one visits the dentist.  The most profound discovery that I observed about the nature of Dr. Poe's practice is that he is constantly taking classes and keeping abreast of the most recent techniques in dentistry and in the development of the newest equipment.  - Nancy Perikli

I didn't like my teeth, and when I would smile I would make sure my teeth didn't show.  Dr. Poe did my braces, and I now love my smile.  My teeth are straight and my bite feels great!  Dr. Poe whitened my teeth and now I get compliments all the time.....which is a great reason to smile!!!!! - Nicole A.

My smile was alright before my braces.  I always received comments on it, but nothing compares to the compliments I get now.  I love it!  Having braces was alright and Dr. Poe did whatever he could to make me happy.  I absolutely love my smile and my teeth.  Even though braces weren't that fun, they were completely worth it!  I would tell anyone it's definitely worth it, because there is nothing better than a flawless, beautiful smile.  It will give you a whole new feeling of confidence. - Robyn H.