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What Do Dental Implants Really Feel Like?

December 4, 2020

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An older woman smiling after receiving dental implants.

When you have several missing teeth, you’re options for tooth replacement typically include full/partial dentures or dental implants. It’s true that dentures tend to be cheaper upfront, but they come with their fair share of caveats. For one, they certainly take some time to get used to as the mouth naturally considers them a foreign object. In contrast, dental implants not only replace your missing teeth, but do everything possible to mimic them as much as they can. This directly influences the way dental implants feel day-to-day. To learn why, keep reading!

How Dental Implants Mimic Natural Teeth So Well

While dentures are designed to fit the overall shape of the mouth to stay in place (and use metal hooks to wrap around teeth if they are specifically partial dentures), they only sit on top of the gums. As a result, they don’t exactly feel like natural teeth, despite how lifelike modern dentures look in appearance.

This distinction is one of the largest compared to dental implants, which not only replace the root portion of teeth that sits underneath the gums, but require oral surgery to receive. The titanium posts of dental implants are designed to integrate directly into bone and soft tissue, making them feel far more like your previous teeth compared to dentures (as well as dental bridges, which also only sit on the gums.) With that said, it’s normal to experience a little sensitivity following surgery.

Expect Greater Stability and Comfort

On top of feeling more natural, dental implants are considerably more stable since they rely on your bone tissue to stay secure, exactly like natural teeth. Whether you’re considering your first pair of dentures or you’ve been using them for many years already, they typically require using denture adhesive to stay in place, at least in the first month or so of use. This can be a frustrating experience for some, making dental implants all the more appealing.

In comparison, dental implants don’t rely on anything other than your existing jawbone tissue, which is why it’s so important to have a healthy jaw prior to receiving them. Of course, implant dentists perform detailed exams ahead of surgery to ensure implants can be placed with confidence.

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

If there is one difference that truly makes dental implants stand out, it’s their ability to handle just about any food without much trouble. Not only can chewing with dentures feel unnatural but it can easily lead to them slipping out of place. In some cases, it can make eating certain foods (i.e. apples and steak) virtually impossible. With dental implants, your bone tissue is being regularly stimulated, which makes chewing feel easy and comfortable.

Still not sure if dental implants are right for you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a dentist today and learn more about modern tooth replacement via dental implants!

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Dr. William Poe was not only voted one of Los Alamitos’ best dentists, but he’s able to both place and restore dental implants entirely in-house. This makes your future tooth replacement all the more convenient, ensuring you don’t need to travel all over town just to restore your smile. To get started planning your care, you can contact him through his website.

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