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How Can Good Oral Health Help Your Child Excel in School?

August 5, 2020

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Everyone wants their children to become successful. Most of the time, this starts with doing well in school and earning good grades. However, this is something that’s difficult to do while having dental issues that need to be attended too. Whether it be related to pain, self-esteem, or just not being in attendance at school enough, dental issues can have a huge impact on your child’s ability to excel in the classroom. Continue reading to learn how your family dentist in Los Alamitos can help your child do better in their classes at school and other aspects of their life.

Better Focus

If you’ve ever had an oral health problem like a chipped tooth, cavity, or aching gums, then you know how difficult it can be to focus on your work. When there is discomfort nagging at you all day, how are you supposed to do your best and complete everything on time? If it’s difficult for you, it’s probably even more difficult for your child. By taking them to their dentist to address tooth decay and other issues, your child will be all fixed up and ready to learn again. A toothache shouldn’t be holding them back from their full potential.

Less Absences

The longer you leave a dental problem untreated, the more time and effort it will take later to get it fixed. This means more money, more discomfort, and often times, more absences from school. The more that your child misses school, the harder that it will be for them to catch up. In fact, kids who have just two absences are more likely to fall behind in key subjects and not graduate on time. Preventing as many absences as possible is crucial for your child’s learning! Remember to schedule regular appointments for them every six months so issues can be addressed early on, before they become a more serious issue.

Improved Self-Esteem

It isn’t uncommon for children to be self-conscious about their appearance. If your child isn’t confident about their smile, it may cause them to withdraw socially and refrain from participating in class. By regularly visiting your family dentist, the details of their smile that make them feel insecure can be addressed. This way, a solution can be found, and your child will be more confident to show off their teeth. There are several different options available for aligning, enhancing, and perfecting already beautiful smiles.

You want to watch your child do well, and one way you can help is by ensuring that they are getting the dental care they need so they can do their best.

About the Author

Dr. William C. Poe is a family dentist located in Los Alamitos, CA. He earned his dental degree from the USC Dental School and has been in practice for over three decades. Dr. Poe is committed to continuing his education so he can keep up with modern dental treatments and technology. He’s a member of a multitude of professional organizations including the American Dental Association and the California Dental Association. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit his website or call (562) 594-5067.

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